Un sympathisant nous envoie une vidéo que nous pensions nécessaire à diffuser.

Et à ceux qui pensent qu’avoir une longue mémoire ne sert à rien, nous leur répondrons que selon nous, c’est leur « manière de faire de la politique » qui ne sert à rien !

De notre côté, nous n’avons pas de complexes à nous souvenir des morts de notre camp, y compris de ceux avec lesquels nous avions des divergences !




Journée contre la guerre impérialiste !

Le 3 septembre prochain à Dortmund !
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Le manifeste de la manifestation en anglais :
« In 2001, America’s war against “International Terrorism” began in Afghanistan. Two years later, Anglo-American combat units assailed Iraq with bombs and grenades. Weapons of mass destruction supposed to be in the hands of Saddam Hussein were put forward as a cause of war at that time. That these weapons never existed, that it was only a propagandis…tic move for the justification of a war of aggression, didn’t interest anybody in the aftermath.The two examples mentioned are only the most up to date ones in a long series of aggression which was strewn over the world by America during the last decades, and arguably and regrettably not the last one as sovereign states such as Syria and Iran already have been a thorn in the side of America’s and Israel’s power elites for a long time.All that war-mongering is always justified in the exact same manner: They say that we had to defend democracy and Western civilization; that it was about the enforcement of freedom and human rights; that “rogue states” had to be barred preemptively from developing military potential.

But what shall the preached democracy be? Why should a so-called “Western civilization” be forced upon peoples of non-Western origin? How can human rights and freedom be enforced with the help of torture-prisons and detention centers? Wherefrom does the USA have the right to decide on the military situation in a foreign state?

On closer examination, all these “justifications” emerge as hollow-phrases only seeking to conceal something more deep-seated: the inner-nature and functional principles which form the basis of the American State (and all other Western democracies): capitalism!

It is that capitalism and its supporters and advocates that are unremittingly trying to expand their power and global influence by economic and military aggressions. Peoples, cultures and nations that have grown in millennia are reduced to debris and ashes if they get in the way of the insatiable greed of ever larger, evermore standardized markets and evermore favorable labor, which is inherent in capitalist thought. After their destruction, the states are rebuilt for the purpose of the international financial powers – not as sovereign people’s states but as unfree slave colonies of the world economy.

This prime cause of all misfortunes in the world today and also and especially of our own peoples has to be abolished by all means. For as long as the fundamental evils of capitalism are not fought to the roots, our whole struggle for a better future will only turn out to be a combat against effects and consequences, not against the reason itself.We want imperialist war-mongering and wars of aggression to end! And we know that this goal can only be achieved, when a new and positive worldview overcomes capitalism and the liberalist and selfish lifestyle. A new worldview and lifestyle which centers on the natural human community – the people – and the creative and cultural achievements emanating from it; a worldview which comprehends economy as a servant of the people and not vice versa; a worldview to which wars fought for economic interests are unacceptable!The same motivation carries people all around the world out onto the streets again and again, it lets them endure persecution and agony, it always gives them new energy and new courage. They have recognized that the world cannot be changed without their own commitment. And you, too, can contribute your own small piece to a better, more just and more peaceful future.

Therefore the slogan is: Participate in the Anti-War Day in Dortmund, against imperialist war-mongering and wars of aggression! »